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bench investor

Track and get deep insight into the performance of your portfolios


Portfolio dashboard with key metrics

Get performance metrics for each security and the portfolio as a whole. Daily change, price return, total return, and most importantly, annualized total return.

Live quotes; dividend, split, and DRIP handling

bench automatically pulls in splits and dividends and if you have a dividend re-investment plan active, it will correctly factor in the incremental purchases.

All Portfolios view

Shows all your portfolios and positions on one page giving you a holistic view of all your investments as well as consolidated performance metrics.

Show me the data

Scrap your home-grown spreadsheet. Data correctness is our bread and butter and we're committed to getting it right.

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Coming soon to bench

Easily compare the performance of your positions against other securities

Track investments not marked to market
Track and compare investment performance of anything, not just public market securities